What is a Sanatorium?

A Sanatorium something similar to a Health Resort.

Our Matheran Health Sanatorium

Situated near Monkey point we are equidistant from Dasturi (Car park) and the Market away from the crowd where there is just you and nature.

Two old heritage bungalows have been taken over and remodeled and two more bungalows have been added (Architect of which was Senior architect M. J. P. Mistry of the famous architectural firm Ditchburn Mistry and Bhedwar). All bungalows face a lush green forest. Each bungalow is divided into 2 or 3 units.

The place is pure vegetarian and alcohol is prohibited.

Important Information

Our sanatorium is open for roughly eight months in the year. Due to heavy rains in the monsoon period in the region we close our sanatorium (Roughly this is from mid - June to Mid - September depending on the rains).

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