RULES AND REGULATIONS To be observed by the occupant(s).


  1. The check out time of the Sanatorium shall strictly be 8.00 A.M. For any delayed departure (for any reason whatsoever) extra days charges shall be levied. At the time of leaving, the occupants shall take particular care that the premises are kept clean and all other formalities are duly complied with in time.


  1. While leaving the premises, please obtain a discharge voucher from our authorized representative at the sanatorium for being produced to our Mumbai office to enable you to claim refund of the security deposit. The refund will be only by A/c Payee cheque in the 1st Applicant’s name, and not by any other mode.


  1. There will be no refund of any part of the occupation charges even if (a) the period of stay is lesser than that mentioned in the application OR (b) the number of persons who availed of the booking is lesser than that mentioned in the application.


  1. The following is strictly prohibited in any part of the Sanatorium premises –


  • Playing musical instrument(s) of whatever kind in such manner and/or for such length of time as may in the opinion of our authorized representative cause breach of peaceful environment and/or cause nuisance to neighbouring occupiers.
  • Keeping animals and/or birds (Such as dog, parrot etc.)
  • Washing and/or causing and/or drying clothes, utensils etc. at places other than those allocated therefore by us.
  • Doing and/or causing and/or allowing to be done any act, deed matter or thing whatever, which in the opinion of our authorized representative is immoral, obscene, unsocial, indecent, anti-national or otherwise considered harmful to or incompatible with the reputation of the Sanatorium.
  • Allowing or inviting any person to stay in the premises in substitution for a person already named in the application and/or inviting or allowing guests or acquaintances, except for short courtesy visits.
  • Disturbing or tampering with the interior or internal arrangement or set up introduced by us, in any manner whatsoever – such as fixing nails into walls, woodwork, or changing light spots or points etc.
  • Waste, misuse or abuse of electricity, water, cooking gas in any way whatsoever, as to which the opinion of our authorized representative shall be final and binding upon the occupants.
  • Offering tips or bribes to our employees working in the Sanatorium and/or using their services for personal work.
  • Consuming and/or allowing to be consumed (by any occupant/ co-occupant/ visitor) any alcoholic drink/s or drugs or non-vegetarian food (including eggs).
  • Indulging in any direct dispute or bickering with any neighbouring occupier/s and/or our employees working in the Sanatorium.
  • Indulging in any uncommon habit or act creating or causing nuisance, filth or displeasure to others.


The opinion/decision of our authorized representative as to whether or not the occupant/s has/have committed breach of the preceding regulation/s shall be final and binding upon all the occupants, who shall without any demur or objection comply with the action/requirement/s by our authorized representative, consequent upon the breach.


5.   The Trust undertakes no responsibility whatever for any theft or other mishap, and the occupant/s shall not keep in the premises any cash or valuables while leaving the premises.


6.   Our authorized representative shall have the right to enter the premises to inspect the same, and if on such inspection he finds that the occupant/s has/have committed breach of any of Rules and Regulations herein, as to which his decision shall be final and binding upon the occupant/s, the occupant/s shall leave the premises immediately, if so asked by the authorized representative.


7.   Any Application/s for any extension of stay (on tenable grounds, which shall not include non-availability of conveyance) will have to be made to our Mumbai office only and will depend on availability of units at the said time. The Trust reserves the right to accept/not to accept any such application at its own discretion. The decision of the Trust in any such matter will be final and binding on the occupant/s.


8.   No inflammable, combustible, hazardous, objectionable or undesirable articles or goods shall be kept or stored in or near the premises, nor shall the occupant/s make use of premises or space in the Sanatorium other than applied for & granted.


9.   Before occupying the premises, a fitness certificate from the occupant’s Doctor will have to be furnished to our Mumbai Office. Without such Certificate, admission voucher will not be issued. The certificate shall be as per the Performa given below.


10. Any indulgence granted to any occupant shall not adversely affect the right/s and contention/s of the Trust of the Trust to take such action/steps as may be called for against the erring occupants.


11. The principle of vicarious liability shall apply, so that each occupant shall be responsible and liable for the act/s of the other/s of them in any damage or breach in the opinion of our authorized representative.


12. If the occupant/s fail to vacate the premises by the stipulated time and date, they shall be liable to be removed (with their articles and things) by requisite proceedings/force, with police help if necessary at the entire risk and cost of the occupant/s, who alone shall be responsible for the consequences thereof, and shall pay compensation for unauthorized stay at rate/s to be decided by us.


13.The Trust reserves the right to hold any one or more of the occupants (to the extension of the others) liable responsible and answerable for the action/conduct on the part of the co-occupant considered by the Trust to be objectionable and/or harmful to the interests and/or reputation of the Trust at its sole discretion.


14.The Trust reserves its right to add to, alter, vary or cancel all or any of the Rules and Regulations for the time being in force.


Noted and Agreed



Applicant No.1

For self (and others)

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