TERMS AND CONDITIONS relating to reservation of accommodation in the Trust’s Sanatorium at Matheran.


1.  The application must be in our prescribed form, in legible & clear writing, with no scorings, corrections or interlineations. Applications incomplete in any respect will not be considered. Once the application is signed and lodged with the Trust, no change of particulars therein will be allowed.


2.   A security deposit of Rs.1,000/- is payable along with the application and Occupation Charges are payable (in advance) immediately on approval of the application. The security deposit will be refunded to the applicant on completion of stay at the Sanatorium – subject to such deductions as may become necessary. The refund must be claimed within two months from the date of completion of stay, otherwise the amount will be liable to be carried to “Unconditional Donation A/c”.


  1. No part of the occupation charges will be refunded if the booking is not availed of – whatever be the reason therefore. Only security deposit will be refunded.


  1. We reserve the right to retain the security deposit in case the booking applied for is cancelled – whatever be the reason therefore.


  1. Security deposit and all other payments are to be made at/to our Mumbai office only. Acceptance of any payments does not mean approval of application.


  1. Cancellation of reservation must be by a letter addressed to us –to be delivered to our Mumbai office only. No oral of telephonic messages or personal intimations to our staff regarding reservation or cancellation thereof or matter/s connected therewith will be entertained or recognized.


  1. Electricity, water and gas supplies are available in the premises, but the Trust does not guarantee the continuance, availability or adequacy thereof and the applicant/s shall not be entitled to make any claim against or grievance to the Trust if the same abruptly cease under any circumstances whatsoever.


  1. The trust reserves the right to reject any application or cancel the reservation already granted, without assigning any reason therefore, at its absolute discretion.


  1. The applicant/s shall collect from our Mumbai office our prescribed Admission Voucher, so that on furnishing the same to our authorized representative at Matheran, the applicants will be allowed to occupy the allotted premises.


  1. The trust reserves it’s right to add alter, vary or cancel any or all of the terms and conditions herein above.


Noted and Agreed



Applicant No.1

For self (and others)


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