About Matheran

Matheran was discovered by Hugh Malet in 1850. The British developed Matheran as a popular tourist resort.

At an elevation of around 800m (2,625 ft) above sea level Matheran is a hill station located about 100 km from Mumbai. Matheran literally means jungle on top. All vehicles (Except emergency vehicles) are banned here.

The only modes of transport are on Horseback, by man-pulled rickshaw, or on foot. Every one living in cities needs this sort of change once in a while.

Old British-style architecture has been preserved in Matheran and most structures are now heritage structures. Matheran has been declared an eco sensitive region by the Union Environment Ministry (GoI).

Why Matheran?

Matheran has been declared an eco-sensitive region by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, (MoEF) Government of India. It is one of the only few places in the world where all vehicles are banned which makes the place unique. Matheran takes you over a hundred years back in time when there were no cars.

With vehicles being banned in Matheran, the place is quite peaceful despite the thousands of visitors that come visiting through the year. There are a lots of lookout ''points'' that provide spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Matheran has a reasonably dense forest cover. Being a hill station it is pleasant almost throughout the year though the nights can get a bit chilly.

The best time to go to Matheran is probably from September to June as the monsoons get really heavy during the rest of the year. Matheran is a visual beauty post monsoons with lush greenery, waterfalls and the lake full with water (Sitting next to which you can enjoy a vada pav [Indian burger] or sip a glass of fresh sugarcane juice).

From the above you can tell that Matheran is just the perfect place to find peace away from the city where you can relax, enjoy the serene nature all around and switch off from the outside world.

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